The Coordination Committee for Mosques and Islamic Centres, London met to review the current situation on whether it would now be safe to reopen our mosques. Medical evidence on the current risks was presented at the meeting alongside feedback on the experience of other mosques who have reopened.

Dr Muhammmed Umar Ebrahimsa, specialist in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine advised:
“Data released prior to July 4 2020 by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), suggests that we remain on the cusp of an increase in the number of infections in the London region; with an R of 0.8-1.1 or a growth rate of infections of between -4 and +2%. On 4 July itself, the government put in place a further reduction of social distancing and allowed the reopening of most of businesses and venues. The impact of these changes in activity on the number of infections is likely to become apparent 2-3 weeks { July 25th}. following their introduction.”
“In view of the vulnerabilities of the community and the possibility of increasing infection in the London region and uncertainty of the impact of recent changes on the community; I would recommend re-evaluating the recommencement of congregational prayers in mosques from July 25th. Simultaneously a trial gradual recommencement of limited congregational prayers in a select number of mosques, could enable us to assess what the impact of further reopening might be.”

The value and importance of the preservation of life has been a fundamental consideration for the Committee, with importance given to the heightened risk to our BAME communities. The decision to reopen cannot exclude the medical evidence, the moral obligation and the trust given to us by our congregations.
Therefore, the Committee’s view is that our Mosques will consider reopening for congregational prayers from July 25th with a phased re-opening of some mosques from July 13th for limited prayers. This trial will provide valuable experience to help ensure that our communities will be kept safe. The Committee also agreed to keep this decision under review, to ensure that the safety of the community is always foremost. The above collective decisions are based on the very important role mosques have in our lives, the sentiments of the communities, and the latest medical advice. We ask everyone to continue to cooperate and support our mosques to ensure maximum safety for all.

May Allah keep us all safe

The Coordination Committee for Mosques and Islamic Centres, London
• The Islamic Cultural Centre & The London Central Mosque Trust
• UKIM West London Islamic Centre
• East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre
• Finsbury Park Mosque
• Al Manaar – Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre
• Al Muntada Al Islami & WLICC
• Muslim Welfare House
• Mayfair Islamic Centre
• Masjid Al Tawhid
• Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre
9July 2020 / 18 Dhu’l Qa’da’ 1441 AH