Al-Manaar Counselling Service

Welcome to Al-Manaar Counselling Service

The Al-Manaar Counselling Service was established in 2017 in response to the Grenfell Tower fire
tragedy on 14 th June 2017. Since then we have joined the Together for Grenfell Project (TGP) to make
the service more accessible to children and families affected by the Grenfell fire. The TGP project
involves different local organization including; Al-Hasaniya, Medaye, MCWG, CNWL, and, RBKC, all
working in partnership to deliver a service that is culturally and religiously appropriate.
Al-Manaar Counselling Service (ACS) is committed to offering free service that makes emotional and
psychological support available to as wide a range of people as possible in the Grenfell community and
beyond. The ACS service is offered in Arabic, French and English Languages.
We offer a confidential service, which is open to everyone, regardless of age, sexuality, ethnic origin,
culture or religion. In particular, we are committed to providing support to people who are not used to
seeking help through counselling and who struggle with common everyday issues including the
emotional and psychological impact of Grenfell tragedy.
ACS works with a wide range of therapeutic issues such as Bereavement and loss, relationship issues,
anxiety, depression, Post-traumatic-stress Disorder (PTSD), family conflict, personal growth, self-esteem
and self-confidence.
Some people may wish to explore their spirituality with a counsellor. Being able to explore different
ideas and beliefs without judgment can be hugely rewarding and allow individuals to develop that part
of themselves.
Our clients have an opportunity to meet one to one with trained and supervised counsellor who will
listen to their experiences, gives them time to talk and supports them.
ACS has high standards of professionalism and adheres to the code of practice of professional
organizations such as British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
Al-Manaar Counseling Service is part of a wider network of help and support; we can advise on where
else to seek help within the Centre and make referrals to other professionals.
About Counselling
Most of us will experience difficulties that can affect our mental well-beings at some time in our lives.
Whilst every story is unique, many people find it helpful to have the opportunity to talk with someone
who will listen and support them as they begin to come to terms with their issues and difficulties.
Counselling is not advice it is a process in which counselor helps you to explore and understand your
difficulties and then helps you to manage and cope with them through developing your own resources.

We value and respect each person’s uniqueness, giving careful awareness to differing cultures, beliefs
and choices. We believe that understanding the marginalization of people from minority groups is the
core of the therapeutic and holistic framework at Al Manaar Counselling Service.
Contact Us
Please contact us to speak to someone who will be able to tell you about the support we can offer. The
office is open between 10:00 and 17:00, Mon-Fri
Phone: 020 8964 1496
Email Us:
How to find us
We are based in North Kensington:
Al-Manaar, 244 Acklam Rd, London W10 5YG
Nearest Tube Stations: Westbourne Park Station & Ladbroke Grove Station
Buses: 31, 70, 295, 328