A Community Engagement Zoom-Seminar organised by Al-Manaar/MCHC Trust

Al-Manaar’s Community Immunity Seminar
Sunday 24th January 2021 – 5pm to 6:30pm



List of Speakers:

1) Introduction to the event and the host (AlManar/MCHC) – Mr Abdurahman Sayed

2) Introduction to Neohealth PCN – Dr Yasmin Razak

3) Dr Sarah Elkin (Clinical Director Integrated Care and Consultant Respiratory Physician, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust)
COVID 19 a clinical perspective; how has this illness affected individuals and impacted on the provision of healthcare, long covid?

4) Samira Benomar (Co-founder of Community Voices – a movement for change)
How has COVID 19 affected the local area and communities in North Kensington and Westminster

5) Prof. Haroun Shah (Professor of Proteomics, Middlesex University)
Protecting yourself and the community from COVID, what measures can you take.
Non pharmacological interventions and why they are important: eg mask wearing, hand washing

6) Dr Umar Ebrahimsa (SpR Infectious Diseases/ General Medicine)
A historical perspective on immunisation;
How do these vaccines work and are they safe?

7) Jeffrey Lake (Deputy Director of Public Health RBKC & Westminster)
How is the Council facilitating vaccinations and addressing vaccine uptake?

8) Dr Manpreet Bains (Associate Director NeoHealth PCN)
What do we know about the distribution of vaccine in Kensington; and about the uptake of vaccine?
How do you book your vaccination?

There will be Q & A session after the brief presentations by the speakers.

This session will be a forum for the community, to come together and raise their questions, or concerns, regarding Coronavirus vaccination.

The session will aim to provide attendees with reliable, accurate information and context for them to decide on whether to take the Coronavirus vaccines available.

Topics to be covered:

What is SARS CoV2 and what kind of illness does it cause; and how is it spread?

What is the background to vaccination – a brief historical review of the role of immunisers and inoculation in the Global South

What are the vaccines available and how do they work?

What are the expected reactions to these vaccines and adverse effects are we aware of?

How has CoVid affected the Westbourne Park area and the Mosque community?

What are the factors faced by us that put us at increased risk of CoVid and severe disease?

How is vaccination being carried out in Kensington?

Who is being offered the vaccines?

How can we make this more accessible to the community?

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