Al Manaar Mosque

West London Synagogue recognises none of the negative views and rhetoric expressed toward Al Manaar Mosque in the last few days.

To help move the debate towards a more balanced view, we offer this heartfelt expression of solidarity with our interfaith neighbour and social action partner:

West London Synagogue is proud to have partnered with Al Manaar Mosque on a variety of initiatives for more than a year. These projects include the response to the Grenfell Tower fire and the Winter Night Shelter supporting rough sleepers.

On several occasions, members of the two organisations have demonstrated solidarity with each other, including a celebration of the Jewish festival of Sukkot at the mosque and the solidarity service at West London Synagogue in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

The Grenfell Kids Day Camp, for children affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, which was housed in Al Manaar, was staffed by youth leaders from Jewish, Muslim and other faiths, and was jointly funded by West London Synagogue and Al Manaar.

In response to the freezing temperatures in the winter of 2017-18, Al Manaar worked proactively with West London Synagogue to provide beds for rough sleepers in London, and through our joint efforts we were able to provide hot meals and bedding for many people who would have had no shelter.

In our view, since working with Al Manaar, they have taken an unequivocal stand against extremism and terrorism.

Moreover, Al Manaar has demonstrably acted strongly to challenge the ideology that leads to hate, including the expansion of their interfaith work and their efforts to support the diverse local community.

West London Synagogue together with Al Manaar continues to work to combat hatred, to build resilient communities respectful and inclusive of difference, for a better society based on friendship, justice and peace.

Rabbi Neil Janes – Rabbinic Lead for Social Action

Photos from the Grenfell Kids Day Camp