Thank you to all our dear guests who attended this year’s Visit-My-Mosque at Al Manaar. It was a pleasure seeing the diversity of all those present and speaking to everyone throughout the day and we hope you had a fantastic and eye-opening experience!

A massive thank you to MP Emma Dent Coad, The Mayor, Councillor Marie-Thérèse Rossi, and Deputy Mayor Councillor Mohammed Bakhtiar for their support and presence! As well as to Zahraa Ahmed from Muslim Council of Britain for her presence and support!

Thank you to our volunteers for all their hard work on the day in making this year’s #VisitMyMosque at Al-Manaar fantastic!

We hope that everybody who visited Al-Manaar benefitted from the day and learnt more about the mosque and community centre as well as the importance of initiatives like Visit-My-Mosque and their impact of building bridges and connecting the community with one another. The Visit-My-Mosque initiative is an incredible initiative that we are very proud to partake in to bring together the community and strengthen ties through open dialogue and conversation.

During our open mosque day, we had multiple activities that consisted of tours around the mosque, cycling on the smoothie bike, an exhibition about Islam and internal and external stalls from different organisations showcasing crafts and activities for the community to get involved in. As always the Smoothie Bike was a great success which raised awareness of healthy eating as well as the other stalls that were present. Moreover, our dear volunteers and staff cooked and donated amazing food, cakes and pastries from different backgrounds which were delicious, and a beautiful way to bring everyone together to chat and bond over food! It was also very wonderful speaking to the St Columba’s group whilst sitting around a table in the kitchen with some cakes and pastries, exchanging recipes and having a chat about the community activities Al-Manaar runs that were similar to their church among other discussions.

Once again, we would like to extend our thanks to Muslim Council of Britain, our local community and everyone who took part, and would like to state that Al-Manaar is a mosque and community centre that is always open to everyone!