19th July 2017


The Grenfell Tower fire disaster is teaching Britain many lessons. Some of them will have to await the findings of inquiries and inquests. But already it is clear that the sclerotic bureaucracies of local and national government were not up to the job. Inadequate building materials and firefighting equipment may have deepened the tragedy. The confusing contradictions in the flow of official information are continuing to cause anger and frustration on the streets where the atmosphere remains suspicious and on edge.

There is, however, one group of emergency service workers who have won unexpected plaudits. They are the volunteers from faith groups who spontaneously provided both pastoral and practical services to the local community. Cooperating with each other from churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and charity offices, they responded with immediate effectiveness both outwards to local residents and upwards to decision makers. This extraordinary community effort has been a story of hope, faith and action which deserves further attention.


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