Al-Manaar MCHC!

Thats right! Al-Manaar MCHC have won the 2023 Beacon Mosque Award for The Best Youth Service and not only that, winning by a smashing 65% on votes we dominated the award. It’s been a very busy year for us at Al-Manaar with youth related activities and services.

We always do our best to give the youth the best services and activities we can. This can come in form of a targeted lecture for our youth or a sports related activity to engage the youth or not to mention our Golborne Youth Centre which has a huge range of activities. Our mission is to provide an efficient and effective service to the youth in order to allow them an understanding of themselves and how they can positively use their skills and attributes to give themselves a good shot at whatever they aim for in life.

We are very proud of our team and the members and groups who have put in so much work to give our youth the best they can. The award not only shows what we’ve achieved this year but also the dedication and care we have put in to provide the best service possible. We will continue to provide the best of services not only to our youth but our community as a whole.

See below some pictures from the award night: