A thoughtful “Thank You” event was concluded with touching short speeches and emotional reunion of volunteers who came from different walks of life to support the Grenfell community.

An event organised by local faith and voluntary sector organisations was held today at Al-Manaar to show gratitude and appreciation for volunteers who volunteered their time during the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in June 2017.

The gathering felt like a family reunion. People who met during the Grenfell Tower tragedy were able to reunite and reflect on their humanitarian experience.

Mr. Shahin Safadi, Chairman of Grenfell United, Rev. Mike Long from Notting Hill Methodist Church, Samra Said from Human Appeal, Mr. Mohammed Bakhtiar from RBKC, and Abdurahman Sayed from Al-Manaar spoke of the great contribution volunteers made in responding to the emergency situation and assisting survivors and those affected by the fire.