Following the UK government’s guidance, consultations with religious scholars and health professionals, the Trustees and Management of Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre have decided to re-sume a limited service for congregational prayers.

From Monday 27th July 2020, we have started Asr and Maghrib congregational prayers. This will be reviewed regularly. Where it is deemed safe, we will open for more daily congregational prayers. We will operate on first-come first-serve basis.


We advise all worshipers to help reduce the risk of corona virus infection. Key to this will be adherence to government guidance such as the measures below:

  • Maintenance of social distancing
  • Wearing face coverings at all times inside Al Manaar
  • Use of hand sanitisers on entry and within Al Manaar
  • Registration for contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.
  • Advice for those over 70 or those who were shielding to remain away from the Masjid

From Friday 7th August 2020, we strated holding limited Jummah prayers. To avoid crowding and waiting outside the Centre, worshippers will be required to register and book places in advance.

Friday booking form has now been made available online every Wednesday.

The next Friday Jummah Prayers – 20/05/2022 at 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Your cooperation through this difficult times is highly appreciated.

If you have any questions please contact the centre [email protected] or use the Contact Form