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Ramadan Rapid Review – The British Islamic Medical Association

April 20 2020 23:09

The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) have created this document, peer reviewed by over 60 clinical experts, as an attempt to fill the void between patients who have chronic health issues and not sure about fasting, and clinicians who are unsure about how to manage them

As there are very few peer reviewed papers and guidelines in existence, with the notable exception of diabetes & DAR, this document should be taken as an informative document for shared decision making with patients, *it is not a directive or prescriptive and clinicians must exercise discretion based on each individual patient.

Read the full article at and download the full Study at the British Islamic Medical Association

Using DAR’s three-tier criteria, we have similarily looked at the common LTCs that affect patients and created a risk table.

We also discuss how to consider an acute illness during the COVID situation, and also the experts discuss the impact of COVID. As far as we know there is no evidence or prediction that anyone who is healthy will have any problems fasting during the COVID pandemic.