Ramadan 2020-1441 – Lectures (Live Streaming)

Shk. Samer Darwish

Shk. Samer Darwish

Saturdays at 6pm

Join Sheikh Samer Darwish for Fiqh lecture and Q&A Session

Sr. Summra Nasir

Sr. Summra Nasir

Mondays at 2pm

Join Sister Summra Nasir on ‘Nutrition and Health Eating’ by qualified nutritionist

Shk. Ahmed Dahdouh

Shk. Ahmed Dahdouh

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays at 6pm & Saturday, Sundays and Wednesday at 4pm

Join Sheikh Ahmed Dahdouh everyday for Quaraan Recitaion and Tajweed

Sr. Kristiane Backer

Sr. Kristiane Backer

Wednesdays at 6pm

Join Sister Kristiane Backer on Q&A sessions for reverts and general knowledge seekers

Dr. Ibrahim Adwan

Dr. Ibrahim Adwan

Sundays 6pm

Join Dr. Ibrahim Adwan on his Weekly Medical Lecture and Q&A Session

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Ramadan Tarwaeeh Prayers

on 12/04/2021 at 8:30 PM

Daily shorter Isha & taraweeh prayers by prior registration

Please note: You can only reserve one space per booking, spaces are limited and available on first book first reserve basis.

Booking spaces will be open daily from 1 PM.

Ladies registration at the door, first come first serve basis. Maximum capacity 50.

– Mosque door will open at 8.30pm.
– Places will not be guaranteed for ticket holders arriving after 9.15pm
– Doors will close as soon as the masjid get full capacity.

Please consider making a donation to Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre:

Online: Go to https://mchc.enthuse.com/donate#!/
BY SMS: Send a text message to 70085: “MCHCTRUST 5″ to Donate £5.

We advise all worshipers to help reduce the risk of corona virus infection. Key to this will be adherence to government guidance such as the measures below:

– Maintenance of social distancing
– Wearing face coverings at all times inside Al Manaar
– Use of hand sanitisers on entry and within Al Manaar
– Registration for contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.
– Advice for those over 70 or those who were shielding to remain away from the Masjid

If you have any questions, please contact us now

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Al-manaar wishes you and your family to stay safe, look after each-other during this difficult time