ramadan programme

2022/1443 H

AI-Manaar wishes you and your family a safe and spiritually Fulfilling Ramadan & Eid Mubarak.

Health Advice Sessions

Health Advice Sessions by Dr. Ibrahim Adwan.
Sessions on Sundays after Asr prayer at Al Manaar centre.

Fiqh Lessons With Q&A

Fiqh Lessons With Q&A by SHIKH- Samer Darwish.
Sessions on Sundays after ‘Dhor’ prayer at Al Manaar centre.

Quran Recitations And Tajweed

Daily Quran Recitations And Tajweed Lessons by SHIKH- AHMED DAHDOUH.
Lessons on Mondays to Saturdays after ‘Asr’ prayer.

Quran Tafseer Sessions

Quran Tafseer Sessions by SHIKH- Samer Darwish
Sessions on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, plus every other Tuesday, after ‘Fajr’ prayer.

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Al-manaar wishes you and your family to stay safe, look after each-other during this difficult time