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Ramadan 2023 Programme Timetable

March 22 2023 12:46

We are pleased to announce the following Ramadan 2023 Programme Timetable .

We will have various lectures for all ages and backgrounds, Tajweed sessions with beautiful Quran recitation and of course daily Taraweeh prayers.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

You can also save and print this timetable using the link below:

Ramadan Programme Timetable

Event Details

Tahajjud Prayer by Sheikh Ahmed Dahdouh Everyday at 03:00am starting Tuesday 11th April

Islamic Lecture by Sheikh Mohamed Azhari – Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday after Fair


Islamic Lecture by Sheikh Abdesamad Abdulaoui Every Monday after Duhr and Every Tuesday & Saturday after Asr


Islamic Lecture by Sheikh Dr Al Hassan – Every Wednesday & Friday after Asr and Every Thursday & Sunday after Duhr


Islamic Lecture by Sheikh Mohamed Ahdash – Every Monday after Asr and Every Wednesday & Saturday after Duhr


Islamic Lecture by Sheikh Mohammed Kabir Uddin – Exclusively on Thursday 13th April after Asr


Daily Taraweeh Prayers – Every night straight after Isha


Special Night Quran Recitation – On the night of Friday 31st March