By Nour-eddine Aboudihaj

Can you see the light in this pandemic?
That sent smart people in buying panic
It would have been comic if it was not so tragic
That in this fight or flight mood,
Intelligent human beings lose their cool and all logic
Their worry and fear
can simply lead them to the mental clinic

For years on end they kept telling us now
The only way is the survival of the fittest !!!?
This theory has been proved to be the craziest
As it compares the great human potential
To that of a mere helpless animal
We are supposed to kill each other in this jungle
In that this world I which we are living nothing is fair
So what Why should WE care?
A fair assumption many in the recent past could dare
The truth is that our universe is created with much love and a lot of compassion
What makes it full of goodness, beauty and passion !
How we choose to live in our planet
Depends only on our will-power, actions and desires

What makes us thrive is nothing but our strive
Doing things that are good is our oxygen and food
Less than that is asphyxia and anorexia
It will finish us all for having a mere mortal goal
Whereas we could live up to our higher self, our life purpose and mission
Whereas we could rise up to our true role
That of been great spiritual beings and transform our fate
By having a leap of faith
Having faith in our self-actualisation
Rather than In our mere flesh , physical preservation and recreation

By acting and not only joining the conversation
But a sure start to the real emancipation and full engagement and active participation
Establishing a Joint Corona recovery built on collaboration
Of all tribes and every nation making the declaration
That no more wealth based on bombshell and stealth
That our health is not shares on Wall Street dealt
Enough of the information overload
Without the wisdom to choose the everlasting road
Enough of the of the tyranny economy and truancy of market rule
Without a care for the human life
We became less than animals without a soul
Was Falstaff to Shakespeare a Fool?
Was life before Corona good or foul?

I have seen it all before
Now it is not time of extremes, to fall to wither and die
In the toxic environment to lay
No, no no the virus we can defy
No no no our humanity and our rights to a better world
More loving, more wonderful, more beautiful
Whoever will dare mankind to deny
Opportunities upon us to nurture our old, sick and pregnant women
Our duties are to live in harmony with nature
Reject and cast away the Throw- away culture
In the Corona age it made us aware
We are all connected and we all care
Our peace and blessings we can all share
It gives us all a second chance
With our families and friends to be happy again
To dance, and I for one I love the new trance,
It made us aware that another way, a better path is possible
Which just weeks ago we thought unbelievable
February 2020 is new awakening
March 2020 is the reckoning

Everything is standing still
The rat- race is stopped
We got back our self-awareness
It is now Time for our coming together
We finally find the ingredients of our greatness
Happiness is our own hands
Our bright future is our in compassionate togetherness.