Phase Two of Grenfell Memorial Community Mosaic Announced.




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ACAVA, a dynamic arts organisation and educational charity, has been a pioneer of socially engaged and participatory arts programmes since its inception in the 1980s. It has operated from its purpose-built accessible studios, offices and community art space in North Kensington for over twenty years. During this time, enduring relationships with the diverse communities in the area have been built. ACAVA works with local people, community groups, third sector and voluntary organisations to provide artistic opportunities. This ongoing work includes, but is not limited to, Flourish for families affected by the Grenfell Tower fire; the NHS-funded Art for Wellbeing Everyday, and the Grenfell Memorial Mosaic.



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Memorial to mark the second anniversary of the Grenfell tower disaster. June 2019 14/06/2019
Photo: Zute Lightfoot

Thanks to support from the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation, Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre and ACAVA (Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art) are delighted to announce the continuation of the Grenfell Memorial Community Mosaic project: Bloom.


Over a two year period, the second phase will see a series of mosaic leaves, fabricated by North Kensington community groups, tenants and residents associations and schools, added to the existing artwork on 14th of each month, commencing September 2019.


The design brief for the leaves has taken inspiration from local participants as well as

foliage from trees close to Grenfell Tower. The 24 leaves will feature 72 gold flecks, paying tribute to the lives sadly lostin the fire,or a single word: Justice, depicted in several community languagesto include Arabic, Amharic and Spanish, as well as many others. The community groups working on the project with will be announced soon, along with information about how local people can get involved.


In addition, ACAVA alongside Al Manaar will be offering four paid part-time photography menteeship opportunities for local young adults to work alongside our commissioned photographer Zute Lightfoot. Further details, including how to apply, will follow soon.


Al Manaar and ACAVA would like to thank all groups who have expressed interest in taking part in phase two of Bloom to date.


For regular updates about the project please follow:


@Almanaar/mchc and@ACAVAFlourish


For information on phase one of the project please click here.



Proud to be working with the K&C Foundation through their Grenfell CommunityDevelopment Fund.