Islamic Marriage Services


Getting married when the greated and most important lifetime events. At Al Manaar, we would be delighted to be part of your transition into married life. Our imam (Shiekh Samer Darwish) can perform the marriage ceremony and provide advice to the couple.

Please Note you will need to make appointment (not earlier than 10 days before the date of Nikah) and  provide documents and some requirements in advance (2-3 days before the date of Nikah):

– The Civil marriage cer, (registery office Certificate), (otherwise the Islamic marriage certificate won’t be signed by the Imam nor stamped)

– IDs, (passports , Driving licences)

– Wali (The guardian)  Acceptance and/or his Attendance ,(if any).

– To tell about the amount of Assadaaq (the dowery) agreed upon (as it will be mentioned in the certificate)

– The conditions if any,

– Two males Muslim witnesses with their IDs.

The Fees as follows:

If the marriage will be conducted at the centre, so it’s £100

If the marriage will be done outside the centre (within London area only): £150 + the transportation)

Please For More Info. contact us :

Imam Samer Darwish


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