Recent Government guidance is allowing places of worship to reopen for ‘individual’ worship from 15 June 2020. Whilst this may be appropriate for some faiths, it does not take in to account that congregational prayers are the main act of worship within a Mosque.

The Coordination Committee for Mosques and Islamic Centres in London is seeking for clear government guidance on the timing and conditions for the re-opening of mosques for collective worship, so that congregational prayers can be safely facilitated. In the meantime, our Mosques will continue to remain temporarily closed.

The transmission of Covid19 still remains a serious threat to the lives of everyone specially, vulnerable people in our communities. Evidence shows that the BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) members are disproportionally affected by Covid19. Therefore, we consider the safety and well-being of our congregations as a paramount concern. This decision will be kept under constant review, as will requisite risk assessments and the preparation of adequate safety measures working with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) in accordance with government guidelines.

We would like to thank our community for their support, patience and understanding during this difficult time. We will continue offering online educational and welfare services, as we have done for the duration of the lockdown and we are hopeful that the Mosques will reopen in the not so distant future, Insha’Allah.

Coordination Committee for Mosques and Islamic Centres, London
• The Islamic Cultural Centre & London Central Mosque
• UKIM West London Islamic Centre
• East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre
• Finsbury Park Mosque
• Al Manaar – Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre
• Al Muntada Al Islami & WLICC
• Muslim Welfare House
• Mayfair Islamic Centre
• Masjid Al Tawhid
• Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre