Following the tragic events in Christchurch New Zealand last Friday, we hosted at Al-Manaar an interfaith vigil to remember the 50 lives lost and many more injured.

If an act of hate was intended to sow division this evenings vigil emphatically demonstrated that it did not, it will not and it cannot and in a poignant move Sis. Ismahan Egal read out the names of all those who died.

People of all faiths and non came together in show of unity, solidarity, love and compassion. Two books of condolences were signed for Noor and Linwood Mosques. Both books will be sent to their respective communities.

We wish to extend our deepest thanks to all those who attended the vigil, those who spoke, those who prayed with us and for us, as well as the many more messages we have been receiving throughout the week.  

Kia kaha