Following the ease of the lock down, Al Manaar the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre will adopt the following changes with caution starting Monday 17th May:

1. Ablution rooms (wudu facilities) will be open to worshipers for the 5 daily prayers.
2. Mosque doors will open 15 min before Iqama, and the mosque will remain open for the duration of the Salat and closes 15 min after salat finishes.
3. The mosque stays open between Maghreb and Isha prayer every day.
4. Registration will not be required at the door, but worshipers are encouraged to scan the QR code at the mosque entrance.

Other changes may follow in June, but the following guidelines will remain in place until further notice:

➢ Friday online registration will remain compulsory.
➢ Social distancing remains in place inside the masjid.
➢ Face covering remain compulsory for people who are not exempt.
➢ Use of own prayer mat and bag for shoes is still required.

Please note, the above changes can be reversed at any time and without prior notice should the situation
worsened, and the risk of transmitting Covid-19 increased. The management of the centre will continue to exercise caution and make the necessary adjustments if required.