Hajjah Manana Kouri in the Hands of her Creator

إنا لله وانا اليه راجعون
Surely we belong to Allah and to him shall we return.
Yesterday one of Al-Manaar’s most loved mothers passed away in London. She is Hajja Manana Kouri, who dedicated her life to serving worshippers and visitors at Al-Manaar Mosque for nearly two decades. She loved cooking and feeding people regardless of their ethnicity or creed. She treated all staff and volunteers at Al-Manaar as her own children; they too saw her as their own mother. Such was the relationship with Hajja Manana. May Allah grant her a place in Jannah.

Janaza prayer will take place at Al-Manaar Mosque, the very Mosque she loved and served with passion, at Zuhr time, 13:30hrs. From there her body will be taken for burial.
‘Azza’ will take place at Al-Manaar from 19:00hrs to 21:00hrs.
May Almighty Allah shower his mercy upon Hajja Manana and place her in Jannahtulfardows. Ameen