To Whom It May Concern


9th February 2018

It has been brought to our attention by the media that certain people who might have lived in the West London area or allegedly prayed at our Mosque have joined terrorist groups in Syria or elsewhere. Some media institutions and journalists have been calling us today to inquire about the issue. As we do not have the resources to handle every media inquiry in regard to incidents outside our Centre or country, we thought it may be useful to issue this statement to clarify our position.

Al-Manaar is a centre where we have up to 3000 people attending every week. As a non- membership Centre our mosque is open to anyone who wishes to perform any or all of the five daily prayers, which each lasts less 10 minutes.  We do not profile worshipers on the basis of their ethnicity or the sort of ideas that they might have in their minds. This is something that we would not be able to know of or control.

However, our position on extremism and violence has always been clear. We have never shied away from condemning and rejecting the actions of extremists and we will continue to do so.

As a community hub, we are open to people of all faiths and none. We work closely with local stakeholders and statutory agencies, including churches and synagogues. We provide over 20 projects including yoga, zumba, social work, counselling, homeless sheltering,  housing and legal advice. We support children’s attainment by working in partnership with organisations such as City Circle who are city professionals who offer their time voluntarily to support disadvantaged children to aim high in their education and provide good role models for the future.

We regularly hold workshops and conferences to guide our youth and community. We are committed to promoting community cohesion and ensuring access to the real teachings of Islam that prohibit extremism and wrong-doing.

On Sunday 18th February 2018, over 150 mosques will be opening their doors to the public in an event called ‘Visit My Mosque’.  Al-Manaar will participate in this initiative by opening doors to the public between 11am and 4pm.  We urge people to come and visit their local mosques and learn more about the real activities that take place there.


Al-Manaar Management