Al-Manaar Trustees, staff and volunteers organised a special event on Thursday 22nd March 2018 to celebrate the contributions of Cllr. David Campion to the wider community in general and to Al-Manaar in particular over the past many decades. The event was attended by members of the local community, diplomats and officials from the local and national governments.

The event was also used to launch Al-Manaar’s strategic plan for the next three years.

Below is a brief biography of Cllr David Campion:

BiographyBA (Arch), Dip TP, FRIBA, MBCS, CITP

Cllr David Campion was first elected as a RBKC Councillor in May 1964. He has honoured and engaged his community as a Pembridge Ward Councillor for 53 years, serving over the years on virtually all major committees of the Council as well as serving as Deputy Mayor in1981 and then Mayor of the Royal Borough in 1985/86. He currently sits on both the Planning Applications Committee and the Major Planning Development Committee. His architectural and town planning qualifications provided significant insights to these committees. Utilising his long personal experience of Computing and as a Member of the British Computer Society, he has also chaired the Council’s Computer and Communications Advisory Committee covering the use of computer technology by the Council in delivering its services.

Cllr David Campion was instrumental in the creation of Al-Manaar, The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, when he chaired the Borough Community Relations Committee. Prior to his involvement as one of the first founders and trustees of Al-Manaar, he was for many years Chairman of the Arabic-Speaking Information and Advice Centre in the local Golborne Road area. Born in Norwich in 1934, he finished his education at Bradfield College, Berkshire. He then undertook National Service in the RAF qualifying as a Fighter Controller serving in Germany. He moved to London in 1954 to attend University where he qualified as an Architect from University College London, in 1959, and then went on to part time study in town planning. He worked for several architectural practices involved with the design of hospitals and medical schools, with his experiences leading him finally to design work on the then new major medical facility in Riyadh in 1972.

Cllr David Campion’s hobbies and interests include Computing and Classical Music.