Al Manaar Counselling service (ACS) would like to share its sincere empathy to the Grenfell community in its 4th anniversary of the Grenfell tower fire.

To mark the 4th anniversary of the Grenfell tower fire, we are offering Drop-in session support group as part of our service to support you, your family, friends and everyone involved in the community in the coming weeks of June.

The teams at ACS serve to support everyone at the North Kensington community, regardless of ethnicity, religion or culture. We deeply care about your emotional and mental health, especially during this time and we know that understanding what has happened to you does not lessen your pain, but it can help you to manage better.

The drop-in sessions aim to help you to:
• Discuss where you are in your emotional level and what is next?
• Learn new coping strategies from others through the sharing of other perspectives on your problems that you may have not considered.
• Develop supportive, trusting and healthy relationships with other people.
• Increase your self-esteem and your belief in your own ability to cope with your symptoms.
• Reduce your anxiety by helping others.

After the sessions you may consider having individual/ group therapy which can be offered by ACS.
There is flexibility – feel free to drop in on one or all of the sessions throughout the month.
When: Every Monday 7th to 28th June
Time: 8pm – 9:30pm
Where: Zoom Online