Pre-Ramadan Survey

Pre-Ramadan Survey 


Dear Brother/Sister,


At Al-Manaar Mosque and Centre we will always be striving to meet the needs of our worshipers, service-users and visitors. To help achieve this, please complete this short survey and give it to Al-Manaar staff or send it by email to: by or before 31st April 2017.

Download it From Here


1/ Health Sessions: During Ramadan 2017 we will be organising weekly health sessions. Please tell us what health issues you would like the sessions to cover?




2/  Iftar: We will be providing daily iftar during the holy month. Are there any issues you would like us to take into account to make the experience better than last year?




3/ House-Bound: Do you have a family member or do you know someone who is housebound and would like assistance to visit Al-Manaar Mosque? If yes, please tell us their name and contact details. We will arrange a special day to assist old and those with disability to visit the Mosque and have iftar with us.




4/ If you have any suggestions to make the month of Ramadan the most enjoyable for all, please write them down here.





JazakomAllahu Khayran


Al-Manaar Management